Warhammmer 40k Blog

Wolf Scouts Conversion

I was looking at my wolf scouts I had built and wanted them to look even more Space Wolfy so I decided to practice my green stuffing skills and make Wolf pelts for each character. I am really happy with how they have turned out seeing as though it was my second try ( my first try really failed). I started sculpting the shape of a cape on each model then left them overnight to harden completely, then added another layer of greenstuff on top of the cape which was a lot easier because I just had to put a ball of it on the cape and spread it out into the shape. I then got my sculpting tool and made a flowing fur pattern on it making lots of little S shapes. I then left to harden and I was done. I made the fur move in the direction the model was going so it gave a swift movement effect. Hope you like them. Click on the Image to enlarge it.


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