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Flesh Tearers 1500 Point List

I was playing around with making a good 1500 point list for my Flesh Tearers army and making different lists that might suit the Flesh Tearers chapter. Obviously I couldn’t resist making an all out assault army so I set upon making a list that works effectively but are still good at capturing objectives. Here is what I ended up with.  Any tips on how to improve this list are welcome.

Flesh Tearers Army List
HQ Upgrades Points
Gabriel Seth 160
5x Death Company 100
Thunder hammer 30
Power Weapon 15
Infernus Pistol 15
Lemartes 150
Death Company Dreadnought 125
Blood Talons Free
Magna Grapple 15
10x Assault Squad 190
No Jump Packs Free
2 Meltaguns 20
Infernus Pistol 15
Power Fist 25
10x Assault Squad 190
Lightning Claw 15
10x Tactical Squad 170
Meltagun 5
Chainsword Free
Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship 200
Multi Melta Free
Twin Linked Plasma Cannon Free
Hurricane Bolters 30
Extra Armour 15
Locator Beacon 15



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