Warhammmer 40k Blog

My Combi Plasma Conversion

Hello There.

This is a tutorial on How To Make A Combi Plasma.

You Will Need:

-Storm Bolter ( I used the space wolves pack one)
-Plasma Pistol
-Green Stuff
-Flat File
– Hobby Knife with small blade
– Plastic Glue
– Sculpting tool.

Step 1) Get Equipment and pieces together.

Step 2) Make incisions on one side of the storm bolter as a marker to where to file to, then file to where the incision is. Cut the hand of the pistol and file the correct side of it.

Step 3) Make sure both surfaces are flat then glue them together. It is important to make sure the the plasma pistol is straight and parallel with the Storm Bolter.

Step 4) Fill in the gaps with green stuff. You can also add any accessories for whatever army or chapter you are making thins Combi Plasma with.

If you have any questions Leave a comment below.




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