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Gamesday Australia 2011 Part Two

Hi all.

This is a quick post about part 2 of Gamesday Australia 2011. I played a very fun game of Flesh Tearers vs Eldar on the day. The reason it was fun was because I seemed to be rolling extremely well that day. I think I only failed about 5 armour save rolls (I love Feel No Pain!) and were wounding a lot of models. I was in control of a ten man squad of Death Company and a Dreadnought. The Death Company went on a rampage killing a ten man squad of Guardians and a Farseer, and taking out a couple of tanks, and some jet bikes. One of the highlights was Gabriel Seth charging into a tank out blowing it up straight away, which left the Guardians vulnerable and ended up being slayed by the Death Company. The Flesh Tearers ended up winning due to there being no Eldar models left on the table (WIPEOUT!). Here are some pictures of the game.

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