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Gamesday Australia 2011 Part Two

Hi all.

This is a quick post about part 2 of Gamesday Australia 2011. I played a very fun game of Flesh Tearers vs Eldar on the day. The reason it was fun was because I seemed to be rolling extremely well that day. I think I only failed about 5 armour save rolls (I love Feel No Pain!) and were wounding a lot of models. I was in control of a ten man squad of Death Company and a Dreadnought. The Death Company went on a rampage killing a ten man squad of Guardians and a Farseer, and taking out a couple of tanks, and some jet bikes. One of the highlights was Gabriel Seth charging into a tank out blowing it up straight away, which left the Guardians vulnerable and ended up being slayed by the Death Company. The Flesh Tearers ended up winning due to there being no Eldar models left on the table (WIPEOUT!). Here are some pictures of the game.

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Gamesday Australia 2011 Part One

Hello Everyone.

About a week ago my Dad and I attended the 2011 Australia Gamesday. This was the first Gamesday we had both been to and it turned out to be an awesome day.

Here is part one of my collection of pictures I took on the day, starting with the awesome display of Flesh Tearers, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves  vs Chaos Marines. This was one of my favourite tables there because my two favourite armies ( if you haven’t realised what those two armies are its Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves).

Here are the Flesh Tearers.


Here is the Chaos Marines Titan.


And Finally here are the Space Wolves.


I hoped you like these pictures. Keep visiting for more pictures from Gamesday 2011.



Quick and Easy Psychic Hood Conversion

Hi Guys.

This post is a quick and simple way of converting your own Psychic Hood. This is great for when yor converting your own Librarian or maybe even a Rune Priest.

First you will need:

* Round File

* Hobby Knife

* Plain Space Marine Shoulder Pad


1) First of all you need make incisions on either side of the top rectangle shape on the rim of the shoulder pad and above either side of the bottom of the pad, like this.


2) Cut the two flaps off that you made the incision in. This is a bit tricky but make sure you dont’ bend the top bit and the two sides on the bottom.


3) File the area you just cut off with a round sided file until smooth and even. You might want to use the hobby knife again to scrape of the bits the file can’t get to/


4) Then you are done all you have to do know is glue it onto the top of the torso behind the head. This is important you need to scrape away the collar on the top of the torso so the hood will fit. It will look like this.


I hope you found this tutorial useful. Next post will be pictures from Games Day Australia 2011. I can’t wait to take lots of pictures and when I sort them all out I will post them.



Nemesis Dreadknight

The Mighty Nemesis Dreadknight has come to slay everything tainted by the Gods of Chaos in the Emperors name. This model is fantastic. All the detail is amazing, with the awesome Nemesis Greatsword and the detail on Pilot Terminator. Here are some pictures of my Dads Nemesis Dreadknight that I have painted. We chose to make our own chapter called the Golden Fists, and as you can see in the picture they have of course Golden Fists.

I hope you like it. Leave a comment below.




WIP Rune Priest

Hello Everyone.

Here is a project that I have been working on recently. My WIP Rune Priest. I have converted it using some spare bits from my bits box like the hand was from the Sanguinary Guard Box and the normal backpack, the rest are from the Space Wolves Pack. I hope you like it, here are some pictures.


The Psychic Hood was made from a plain Space Marine Shoulder Pad. I will post a tutorial on how to do it later on. Leave a comment below and be sure to follow me on Twitter @TheFang40k.



Battle Report No. 1

Hi Everyone. This is the first Battle Report i have posted and it was a very interesting and close game.

Armies: My Space Wolves vs My Dad’s Orks.
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment type: Pitched battle

Roll off to see who went first went to the Space Wolves.
They were deployed like this:

Orks deployed like this:


Turn 1) Space Wolves.

Movement: Everything Moves.
Shooting: Wolf Scouts shoot the Nobz wounding 2. Grey Hunters shoot Single fire at the Nobz wounding another 3.  The rest run.
Assault: Wolf Scouts assault the Nobz and manage to kill 3 of them. Nobz attack back and kill one Wolf Scout. Nobz pass leadership test.


Turn 1) Orks.

Movement: Stormboyz, Deff Koptas and Boyz move.
Shooting: Big Shootas shoot at Canis but fail to wound him. Rest of the boys then shoot at Canis taking one wound off him. The Stormboyz then tried to shoot at the Grey Hunters but missed.
Assault: Nothing in range to assault. Wolf Scouts kill the rest of the Nobz.


Turn 2) Space Wolves.

Movement: Canis moves. The rest stay.
Shooting: Grey Hunters shoot Stormboyz killing all of them.
Assault: Canis assaults Boyz and kills 7 of them and doesn’t lose any wounds after making 6 3+ saves. Boyz pass their leadership test.


Turn 2) Orks.

Movement: Kopta’s Turbo Boost.
Shooting: Warboss Shoots doesn’t wound anything. Kopta’s use bigbombs and kill 3 Grey Hunters.Gretchin shoot and cause no wounds.
Assault: Warboss and Gretchin assault Wolf Scouts and Wolf Scouts kill 2 Gretchin, Gretchin kill 3 Wolf Scouts. Warboss Kill the rest of the Wolf Scout and Wolf Guard Pack leader. Canis kills 5 Boyz and Boyz don’t wound Canis and pass a leadership test.


Turn 3) Space Wolves.

Movement: Blood Claws move.
Sooting: Grey Hunters shoot the Deff Kopta’s wounding them twice.
Assault: Canis is still locked in combat with the Boyz but manages to kill 5 more and make them fall back.


Turn 3) Orks.

Movement: Nothing moves.
Shooting: Big Shootas shoot Canis wounding him once. Deff Koptas shoot Blood Claws killing two.
Assault: Warboss and Gretchin assault Grey Hunters. Grey Hunters counter attack killing 7 Gretchin. Warboss Strikes back killing 6 Grey Hunters. Warboss passes leadership test.


Turn 4) Space Wolves

Movement: Nothing moves.
Shooting: Blood Claws shoot the Deff Koptas but don’t wound.
Assault: Canis Assaults Koptas wounding two. Koptas kill Canis. Grey Hunters take two wounds off the Warboss. Warboss fights back killing the rest of the Grey Hunters.


Turn 4) Orks.

Movement: Nothing moves.
Shooting: Koptas shoot at the Blood Claws killing 2. Warboss shoots but doesn’t hit anything.  Big Shootas kill one Blood Claw.
Assault: Koptas assault Blood Claw and Wolf Priest. Wolf Priest kill one Kopta, but the Koptas kill the last Blood Claw.


Turn 5) Space Wolves.

Movement: Nothing to move.
Shooting: Nothing to shoot.
Assault: Wolf Priest kills rest of Deff Koptas and consolidates 4″.


Turn 5) Orks.

Movement: Warboss moves.
Shooting: Big Shootas shoot at the Wolf Priest and wounds him once. Warboss tries to shoot the Wolf Priest but misses.
Assault: Nothing Assaults.


Turn 6) Space Wolves.

Movement: Wolf Priest moves toward Boyz.
Shooting: Wolf Priest shoots the Boyz killing one.
Assault: Wolf Priest assaults and neither the Wolf Priest or the Boyz wound each other.


Turn 6) Orks.

Movement: Warboss moves 6″ towards the Wolf Priest.
Shooting: Nothing shoots.
Assault: Wolf Priest kills one more Boy and doesn’t lose a wound. Boyz fall back but can’t escape and get chopped up by the Wolf Priest.


Turn 7) Space Wolves.

Movement: Wolf Priest moves towards the Warboss.
Shooting: Wolf Priest shoots but does nothing.
Assault (The Final Showdown): Wolf Priest assaults but fails to wound the Warboss but gets crushed by the Warboss’ Power Claw and dies.


Conclusion: That was one of the closest games I have ever played. Looking back at the game there were a few things I did wrong and could have changed, but it was still a fun game that managed to get all the way to turn 7 due to high dice rolling. Victory for the Orks.


I hope you enjoyed this battle report. Leave a comment below.




Wolf Priest!!!!!

Hi all.

Here are a few pics of my new Wolf Priest Model i purchased off Ebay.

I am at a dead end with how I want to paint it. I don’t know whether to paint it the normal black or grey, I  have seen lots of good examples of both colours like these.

Your thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated.