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Gamesday Australia 2011 Part Two

Hi all.

This is a quick post about part 2 of Gamesday Australia 2011. I played a very fun game of Flesh Tearers vs Eldar on the day. The reason it was fun was because I seemed to be rolling extremely well that day. I think I only failed about 5 armour save rolls (I love Feel No Pain!) and were wounding a lot of models. I was in control of a ten man squad of Death Company and a Dreadnought. The Death Company went on a rampage killing a ten man squad of Guardians and a Farseer, and taking out a couple of tanks, and some jet bikes. One of the highlights was Gabriel Seth charging into a tank out blowing it up straight away, which left the Guardians vulnerable and ended up being slayed by the Death Company. The Flesh Tearers ended up winning due to there being no Eldar models left on the table (WIPEOUT!). Here are some pictures of the game.

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Gamesday Australia 2011 Part One

Hello Everyone.

About a week ago my Dad and I attended the 2011 Australia Gamesday. This was the first Gamesday we had both been to and it turned out to be an awesome day.

Here is part one of my collection of pictures I took on the day, starting with the awesome display of Flesh Tearers, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves¬† vs Chaos Marines. This was one of my favourite tables there because my two favourite armies ( if you haven’t realised what those two armies are its Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves).

Here are the Flesh Tearers.


Here is the Chaos Marines Titan.


And Finally here are the Space Wolves.


I hoped you like these pictures. Keep visiting for more pictures from Gamesday 2011.



Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost

Another addition to my Flesh Tearers Army. Lemartes Guardian of the Lost. This is by far my favourite Chaplain ever. The rules and models are both awesome. One of Lemartes’ rules are that if he loses one of his wounds his Strength and Attacks both become 5. That means that on the charge you get 7 strength 6 power weapon attacks, with re-rolls to hit and wound when he is with Death Company. Here is my finished Lemartes. All I have to do is fix the blot pistol because I painted it wrong. Hope you like it.


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Flesh Tearers 1500 Point List

I was playing around with making a good 1500 point list for my Flesh Tearers army and making different lists that might suit the Flesh Tearers chapter. Obviously I couldn’t resist making an all out assault army so I set upon making a list that works effectively but are still good at capturing objectives. Here is what I ended up with.¬† Any tips on how to improve this list are welcome.

Flesh Tearers Army List
HQ Upgrades Points
Gabriel Seth 160
5x Death Company 100
Thunder hammer 30
Power Weapon 15
Infernus Pistol 15
Lemartes 150
Death Company Dreadnought 125
Blood Talons Free
Magna Grapple 15
10x Assault Squad 190
No Jump Packs Free
2 Meltaguns 20
Infernus Pistol 15
Power Fist 25
10x Assault Squad 190
Lightning Claw 15
10x Tactical Squad 170
Meltagun 5
Chainsword Free
Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship 200
Multi Melta Free
Twin Linked Plasma Cannon Free
Hurricane Bolters 30
Extra Armour 15
Locator Beacon 15



Astorath the Grim

This is one of my favourite models in the Blood Angels Chapter. I painted my Astorath to fit in with my Flesh Tearers army. I used a darker red for most of the body.

Here are the pictures, all I need to do now is base the model and I will be finished.

Any suggestions on a base that would suit Astorath are welcome.


Flesh Tearers Mephiston

Here are some pix of my Flesh Tearers Mephiston. All I need to do now is find a suitable base and then he will be finished.

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Hello Everyone

This blog Is about all the world of Warhammer 40k. I will be posting pictures, battle reports, and anything related to 40K.

I have been playing Warhammer 40k for 3 years now and own two armies Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves (Harald Deathwolf’s Company if you haven’t already realised).

I am currently working on getting a full 1500 point Flesh Tearers army.

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